Anne Gournay

Flower Power

Flower Power follows on "Connected", through a variation of close-up flowers, using a combination of photopolymer, aquatint and soft ground, but for the most part screen print and raw pigments (gold and silver). The bright and cheerful colours, combined to the bold graphics remind of pop art, whilst the gold and silver pigments play the same role as in Connected. They are only used for the pystil or stamens of the flower, toremind how barren is our life without that connection.



Connected is a series of graphic work exploring our connection with nature and using various printmaking media: screen print, linocut, photopolymer plate and aquatint. Some are using raw gold and silver pigments, to underline how precious that connection is.


Ghost Town

Ghost Town focuses on the issue of loneliness and isolation one can experience living in a cosmopolitan city. Surrounded by people, bombarded with constant communication, we have never been as isolated as we are today. All the prints are photopolymer plates, sometimes with a second plate with an aquatint. They are very atmospheric and atemporal. All the original photographs I have worked with have been taken in London: Primrose Hill, Regents Park, Hampstead Heath.


Through the Looking Glass

There are only a few screen prints in that serie. They are the counterpart of Ghost Town, and have a Fairy Tale look to them. They are supposed to represent the embellished side of Ghost Town. I started working on that project, but moved on to Connected very quickly afterwards.


Here and About

Traditional etchings, and some solar plate etchings inspired by my trips and travels.


Up, Close and Personal

Close-up portraits, or focus on some elements of the face, baby feet. Very contrasted artworks, inspired by charcoal drawings, which get you really close to the subject. Some children's portraits, using various techniques (screenprint and pigments photopolymer plates).

Portraits can be commissionned.



The fragility and ephemeral quality of life, youth and beauty are the subjects explored in this theme. The Yvonne series were inspired by my late grandmother, and evoke Klimt and Art Deco, whilst the Lepidoptera series uses intricate and sophisticated Japanese papers for chine-collé.


Into the Wild

Inspired by animals, and my children's love of wildlife. No dinosaur there, however! These are quite illustrative prints, some of them experimental, with chine collé, three plate etchings, solar plates and etching combined. Animals are fun!

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